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Northern Ireland's No1 Storage Solutions

Thanks to our relationships with the UK's leading storage manufacturers, we are able to deliver complex storage solutions to businesses across Northern Ireland, in almost every capacity and industry. We also offer an accredited course to help employees understand and appreciate the value of workplace organisation and safety. Our wide array of solutions include the below;
• Pallet Racking
• Partitioning 
• Cantilever Racking
• Mezzanine Floors
• Industrial Shelving
• Warehouse Safety Steps
• Mobile Shelving
• Storage Containers
• Lockers
•  SEMA Racking
• Commercial Shelving
 • Rack Safety Awareness
• Trucks & Trollies

Pallet Racking 

Pallet racking in Belfast
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Storage for palletised goods.

Cantilever Racking 

An example of cantilever racking services
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Effective storage for lengths and sheet materials.

Mobile Shelving 

Mobile shelving
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High density shelving, suitable for archival, medical records. 

Stormor Shelving

Stormor storage in Belfast
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Static shelving for archival medical records, small parts etc.


Example of lockers we provide in Belfast
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Personal item storage. Educational, leisure, sporting, laundry etc.

Euro Shelving 

Example of shelving in Belfast
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High quality industrial and general storage shelving.

Just Shelving 

Example of shelving in Belfast
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Budget storage shelving.


Storage containers in Belfast
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Heavy duty shelving for larger items.

Mezzanine Floor 

Mezzanine floor in Belfast
Rate saving solution to maximise floor area.


Partitioning services in Belfast
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Demountable office walling, anti-collapse mesh and machine guarding.
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Racking Inspections

We provide a SEMA approved Racking Inspector to inspect and complete a report of the condition of your racking or storage equipment.

The Health & Safety Executive require all types of racking and storage equipment as working equipment to be inspected annually. This includes racking, steel shelving, mezzanine floors & mobile systems..

For our next training date please call Claire on 028 9069 3003

Rack Safety Awareness Training

This training course will enable your company to comply with Health & Safety legislation by training your staff to conduct internal warehouse racking inspections. Our rack safe training courses are run by a SEMA approved Racking Inspector. 
Who should attend a rack safety awareness course?
• Fork-lift truck drivers
• Middle managers & Health & Safety advisors
• Senior managers & directors
• Persons involved with storage and warehousing operations
We carry full professional indemnity insurance and our insurance covers this training.

Please call us for more information and a quote on 028 9069 3003.
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